Taxi Rates Rotterdam

Experience the assurance of transparent pricing at Rotterdam Taxi Service, aligned with Dutch government standards. Our rates include a starting rate, kilometre rate, and time rate. For waiting times, a waiting rate applies.

Payment options are versatile – choose between cash, pin, or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express). Should you have any questions regarding our rates, feel free to reach out to us at any time. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Rates Regular Taxi Transport and Taxibusses


1 - 4 personen

5 - 8 personen

Initial fee

€ 4,02

€ 8,17

Kilometre rate 

€ 2,96

€ 3,72

Time rate (per minute)

€ 0,49

€ 0,55

Waiting rate

€ 49,64

€ 49,64

Rates Airport Taxi Service

For journeys from Rotterdam to airports like Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Schiphol, and Brussels Airport, Rotterdam Taxi Service offers exclusive and competitive rates. If your departure is outside Rotterdam (in the Rotterdam region), feel free to contact us for personalized rates.





Rotterdam The Hague Airport

From €35,-


Schiphol Amsterdam

From €120,-


Eindhoven Airport

From €220,-


Brussels Airport

From €299,-

Rates Business Taxi Transport

For one-time business transport, our standard taxi rates apply. In special cases, discounted rates may be available—please inquire about possibilities. We are flexible and open to accommodating your needs. For business transport, we offer the option to pay afterwards for added convenience.

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