Rotterdam Taxi Service uses standard taxi rates as set by the Dutch government. This guarantees that you are not paying too much for your taxi. The rates are constructed as follows: a starting rate, kilometre rate and a time rate. When the driver has to wait, a waiting rate applies.

You can pay cash in our taxis, but you also use pin, credit card, MasterCard, Visa of American Express.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions about the rates.

Rates regular transport


1 - 4 personen

4 - 8 personen

Starting rate

€ 3,60

€ 7,33

Kilometre rate 

€ 2,65

€ 3,34

Time rate (per minute)

€ 0,44

€ 0,49

Waiting rate

€ 46,29

€ 46,29

Rates airport service

For rides from Rotterdam* to airports such as Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Schiphol and Brussels Airport, Rotterdam Taxi Service uses special, competitive rates.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport



Brussels Airport

€ 35,-

€ 99,-

€ 220,-

€ 299,-

* If you wish to leave from a place other than Rotterdam (from region Rotterdam) you can contact us for our rates.

Rates business transport

For one time business transport, the same rates apply as for regular taxi rides. In other cases cheaper rates may be considered. Ask about the possibilities, we are of course willing to think along with you. For business transport it is possible to pay afterwards.

Questions? Contact us! 

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